Restorations are done on a case by case basis and are subject to limitations on space and time. Sometimes restorations are refused for health reasons, such as massive sanding projects. I am usually commissioned to restore a doll that someone wishes to keep and these are not placed on my website for the owner's privacy. I also purchase dolls in need of restoration to fix on my own time, to either keep myself, or resell. If you are interested in having work done or selling a doll to me, please contact me at buff at buffdolls dot net.

Batchix Alpha Machina - 2015

This girl was improperly assembled, and was painted and modified in a scheme that is not my style. I pried all the gears off her, then got to work cleaning her up. She was stained by the previous paint job, but I was mostly able to remove it. I was able to see that she was the 'lavender' shade, which I was really happy to see, since I knew she'd look different than my other Alpha. I decided to modify the helmet headcap and the sides of her head, to give her a very sleek look.

Batchix Transformer 2015

This guy basically had the same problems as anything that is handcast, with bubbles and various inconsistencies. After fixing all the mechanics, making sure he could stand well, I did a dramatic transformer-style paintjob on him and added car door wings. He is pictured with another doll that is here for restoration as well.


Iplehouse Jessica sanding restoration -2011

This Iplehouse EID Jessica in realskin was blushed and had her blushing removed with acetone. The acetone reacted with the top layer of her realskin, causing the white streaks that you can see on the legs and arms, and repeated contact with the acetone caused the almost complete color change in the face. She was then spray-painted to a flesh tone, and then to avoid rubbing, hot-glued together in one position. We begin with some photos of the doll after I had separated the torso from being glued together. The other pieces had been pulled apart for shipping, but there was way more than the usual glue in them. Acetone can be used safely on certain dolls, but I can say assuredly now that it shouldn't be used on Iplehouse dolls.

I did a little test sanding, which worked, then proceeded to sand, with super fine sandpaper, her entire body. This took a few weeks, but the result is well worth it!


Volks Nono Body Modification

Body Modification. This was a frankenstein body, pieced together of pureskin volks arms, hands, feet and legs, but having an oldskin torso and head. I had to do a lot of dremel work to the Oldskin torso to allow the pureskin legs to fit properly.

Before: The doll cannot free stand as the hip joints are pushed far too low by the old style body.

After: The doll has good balance and a nice attractive line, extremely similar to the pureskin torso, though its a little skinnier in the middle. Kept the body and it ended up having a new Volks Yori head to become Rapunzel.


Dollzone Faces restoration

Carving restoration in order to fix some bad mods. There are two different heads. These are pictures of arrival:


After cleaning. Then you can see the carving process as I redefined the nose and lips in places, then added a face-up for both heads. Both were sold.



Just a mistake in the eye opening left her with eyes that were too large. This is a good example of an eye closing. I used milliput. This was a commission.


Volks Misia

This head had been modified with human ears and with the eyes fully closed. I removed all the modifications and restored her to her default state. She was sold


DOD Ducan

This Ducan had scars carved into his face, back, chest and hands, one eye modified open, and then had been spray-painted brown. This doll took a LOT of work to get back in shape again. I was forced to modify the other eye open like the first, and because of the depth of the scars, I decided not to do anything to them, but embrace them. I did clean them up a bit, though. After removing all the brown spray-paint, which took forever, I proceeded to fix the scars and give him body blushing and a new face-up. He turned out being rather cuddly and a friend purchased him.


Orientdoll Vampire Il

This doll had just been modified in the head area. His nose, cheeks and lips had been heavily modified and not particularly well either. He also had sideburns glued to his head. The face-up was dirty. I continued to modify until the job looked proper again, then gave him a new face-up. He turned out really cute! He was sold.


Nanuri 07

This head had poorly done eye openings and two carved in scars. One crosses the left eye, and the other came from the left corner of the lips.  I opened the eyes much wider, so that he was able to suit 18mm very nicely. Then I carved in another scar coming from the right corner of his lips to finish out the deadly Sicilian scar. Afterwards he was sold.


Lady Saiyuki Handcast Ted

This Ted was very poorly cast so that he was very rough and had a TON of bubbles. He also had fit issues, because seams were left behind on the joints. There were significant bubbles in his face, especially in the lip area. His ears were like giant wedges of cheese, also, and the hands were very clunky. He had also yellowed. So I took to basically sanding and dremelling to remove the yellowing and the roughness, and also get a better fit at the joints. The first few pictures show the condition he arrived in. Then the shots of the leg piece show close-up how a rough piece was changed quite dramatically into one that looks much more professionally finished. I had to use epoxy to fix the issues with the lip, and somewhere along the way he became a she in my mind. I did a lot of work on the hands, and of course the torso, as it had some huge bubble issues. I also dremelled down the ears into elegant and lighter ears that look like ears! She still has a few bubbles here and there, so she has not entirely lost her hand-cast charm. But she is now much more aesthetically pleasing and very happy in her new home.



Volks F-05

This head was purchased with epoxy mods on it. I removed the mods only to discover that she had her eyes opened previously, and poorly, very very wide and also unevenly. I decided to give her a bevel on the inside of the head to support larger size eyes and then make her eyes even larger to match my other Volks doll, Rio. She now takes 24mm eyes, and is quite a large-eyed lovely!


Unoa Lusis Wink

This plate was a total loss. It had been drilled into, and carved, and the wink eye had been opened to a different shape than the other one. I decided to cover up the mods on one side of the face with a sculpey mod mask that would cover everything on that side, and modify the chin and jaw to sand the other carved place away. The mask is that of Ichigo, from Bleach.



Blythedoll Pyrite

This is an artist doll, by Blythedoll, called Pyrite. There are only 5 Pyrites in all the world. She had some SERIOUS problems starting out, including a popping belly joint, broken locking knees, ill-fitting joints, rough-sanded joints and bubbles in the face as well as other places. I spent a lot of time carving, sanding, doing finishing sanding, in order to get her into shape.

Elfdoll June

She had some mods done to her face and was airbrushed oddly. The body had the breasts removed, but the job was unfinished. I simply finished up the chest mod to look like it was always meant to be that way. Then I did a face-up to be androgynous and work as a girl or a boy.


CP Tan Lishe

Her face was damaged/modified, and I just had to fix the face, which as you can see, turned out great. Now owned by my mother. ^_^


SOOM Tan Godo

What can I say...this guy was turned from a stunning limited edition into a dirty mess by a previous owner. I had to clean him up, massively, and fix his nipples. I've never seen a doll this dirty before, or covered in so many smudges.



After: I fully blushed his torso, then ended up turning him into 'Ra' from Stargate. He was also sold as a full set.



CP Breakaway on Abio Angel body

This doll was spray-painted brown. That was pretty much all that was wrong with him, though it took FOREVER to get all the brown off. This one was harder than the dye.

After, he was turned into my first 'full set' for sale, Vadim the Turkish Vampire.

Volks Misia - Fall 2008

Doll was abused by a dremel tool. Her eyes had been gauged out, her chest had been sanded off, an incorrect swaricco mod was carved, and her nose was nearly gone. I was able to sand the chest smooth, and fill in the swaricco mod, and had to carve down to give her a nose again, and lips. She has been one of the most difficult dolls to save thus far.

After. She was sold to a new loving home.


Domuya Zen - Fall 2008

Pretty mild restoration. The body lacked hands. I simply ordered some to replace them, and he was missing one ball in his foot. I made one out of epoxy and it could barely be seen once the foot was in the standing position. I worked hard to make him the sexiest Zen I'd ever seen though. :)


Serendipity ISMY - Fall 2008

This boy had his face-plate damaged by acetone, and then it was crushed in a door jam, cracking the plate in half. The previous owner had then lathered on some repair epoxy in the hopes of fixing the plate themselves. I removed nearly all of their repair epoxy, fixing the cracks with glue instead, between the breaks. I then repaired the eye with epoxy. In order to hide the cracks on the sides of his head, I added demon horns. Then I placed a cross between his eyes to conceal the crack running there as well.



Minifee Shiwoo -Summer 2008

Shiwoo was a sleeping head that had his eyes modded open to an extreme amount. The tear ducts were almost obliterated, and the eyes were obviously far too large, and there was no presence of eye beveling at all. In order to fix him, I first did a thorough cleaning of his face, then I did a mock-up of how I wished for the eyes to look in the end. That is what you see with the yellow eyes. Next, I did the mod and reshaped the eyes to be sneaky and alluring, then sanded, and finally a face-up. A friend of mine fell in love with him at a meet-up and I sold him to her. ^_^


Customhouse Mars- Summer 2008

These are pictures during his restoration. I had to recreate a hand for him, and restore his lips and eyes, which were poorly modified by a previous owner.  Overall, he took about 4 days to restore.

Dollzone Shengxi- Done in Summer 2008

She had been badly dyed, and a tattoo painted on her back, and also a scar had been carved into her left eye and on the left side of her mouth. The owner before me had done some sanding, but decided the project was too much for her.


Her lips had to be modified to get rid of the scar and keep things even, and her right breast needed to be sanded down to match the other which had a previous reduction. Nothing would take off the dye besides sanding, so that's how I cleaned her all up, and some xacto scraping to get the difficult spots between the toes and such. All in all I estimate it at about 10 hours of work, including the face-up, which actually went on rather naturally. She ended up as a gift to my daughter, to guard her nursery, and as you can see, she loves her!